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Top-quality trusses to fit your needs

Our trusses are designed in-house by professionals using specialized engineering software, TrueBuild, by Eagle Metal Products.


All of our trusses are built to comply with local and national building codes and all of our design drawings can be sealed by a structural engineer licensed in your state.

Our trusses will stand the test of time

We're a family owned and operated business and our engineering is guaranteed.

Call us to learn more about the trusses we have in store for you.


Mid South Truss Inc. is a manufacturer of high-quality engineered wood roof trusses. Our service area includes, but is not limited to, MS, AL, and TN. We're based out of Booneville, MS.

We are a grass-root business built on the foundations of attention to detail, customer service, and on-time deliveries. We offer complete roof truss packages for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications.


We take pride in our relationship with our customers and will work one-on-one with builders, contractors, or individuals to engineer, design, and build trusses to fit their particular needs.

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